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Video Marketing Strategy

Every marketeer knows it: video works. But why isn’t every marketeer using it?


Storycatchers helps companies and organizations to use video in their online communication. Together with your team we look for the best return for your budget.


Do you want to sell more products or do you want to bring attention to a social issue? Then you need a clear plan to be successful.

Online Video Production

Did you notice that your 30 second ad does not do the trick? And neither does your long and expensive corporate movie?


You’re not the only one. Online video is an art. Time, pace, production, … they all need special attention from an online video professional, not a traditional one.


You can easily address your target audience and add extra interactivity that will make the impact of the video even bigger.

Live Webcasting

Maybe you like to broadcast a conference? Or watch the CEO’s speech live in every facility of the company? Or broadcast a concert online? Thanks to our live streaming and webcast services this will all be possible. And affordable.


Make no mistake. Storycatchers did some live broadcasts for the world’s biggest companies and events. From Lisbon to Copenhagen and from Dubai to Beirut.

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YouTube channel management

Lots of companies spend a huge amount of money to optimize their website. They hope to appear at the top of Google’s search engine and lure more visitors.


But the competition is doing the exact same thing. So it gets more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Video Advertising

When you make interesting videos for a niche audience it is useful to deliberately target that audience. This way you can make sure the right people are watching.


Storycatchers will help you to set up and monitor your online video campaign. And we will make sure you reach your audience. It’s the only way to get a big return in stead of annoying viewers with video ads.