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Video Strategy

Every digital marketer knows it. Video works. Nevertheless, starting with video marketing is not an easy job for many companies.

Storycatchers helps companies and organizations to use video strategically as part of their online communication. Together with your marketing team, we create video formats that work and have a positive contribution to your business.

YouTube channel management

Do you have videos on your YouTube channel that work less than expected? Maybe it’s time for active YouTube channel management. Our video marketers know how to optimize your channel and let your videos appear in Google search results. Through active analysis, A / B testing and optimization, we enhance the added value of your videos.

Video Ads

When you create valuable videos for your target audience, it makes sense to consciously promote them to the right public. That way you can be sure that you reach the right audience. Targeted ads via Facebook Ads or Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) are very powerful when used correctly.

Storycatchers helps you set up and follow up video marketing campaigns and ensures that your advertising budget is used efficiently across your campaigns.

Video marketing training

Do you want to start with video marketing in your company? Do you want to strengthen the knowledge of your marketing team in terms of video? Our video marketing trainings are perhaps the best investment ever.

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