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Corporate videos are no longer boring ones. More and more companies are aware of the fact that they can put their company in the spotlight with interesting and relevant content.


What if you want to paint a wall but do not know how to start? Open up YouTube and seeking help? Indeed.

Explanation videos (also sometimes called explainer or how-to videos) show you how things works or how to do something. An interesting start for a successful video marketing plan.


Everyone knows that satisfied customers are your best ambassadors. Why not let them tell their story in a video?

Video testimonials are a powerful way to put existing customers in the spotlight and at the same time attract new ones.


Have you ever considered using video reports as part of your digital communication? At Storycatchers we know that professional video can be a huge boost for your online visibility.


Did you get a top speaker for your keynote? Does he bring a fascinating story about a relevant topic? With a relevant video you can also use the power of the speaker as a lever in your communication after the event. Or maybe this is the ideal teaser for the next edition?


Manuals are barely read. They are often unclear. With online instruction videos you can display information or processes very clearly. The combination of an oral explanation with visual support, illustrations and the detailed images make video manuals very effective.


Did you notice that videos do better on your Facebook page than text or photos? Where you able to fill in your vacancy after posting your video on LinkedIn?

Social media video has a lot of opportunities. However, good social media video content has to be adapted to the platform specifications. Do square videos work better? When should I use subtitles? How long does my video have to be?  At Storycatchers we know the answers.


An animated video is sometimes the best way to address a message to a specific target group. Live videos are cheaper, but not always suitable for displaying complex processes or a difficult explanation.

At Storycatchers we do more than just creating animation video. We make sure that you make the right choices and that you use animated video when they add value to your communication.