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References Live Webcasts & streaming

House of LUX (UAE)

House of LUX is a big show and you don’t take any risks whatsoever. Not even if there is no YouTube live partner. Result? Crew and equipment on a plane to Dubai and a perfect live show in seven MENA countries.

Cirque Du Soleil Alegria (BE)

19 years, 250 cities and more than 14 million spectators. Those are the impressive statistics behind the circusact Alegria. The Montreal Headquarters and all the employees somewhere along the road could watch the last performance live.

Eristoff Join The Pack (UK)

Eristoff gave its fans the chance to prove they are real night wolves. How? By howling live with real wolves via their webcam. They won tickets to I Love Techno if the wolves cried back. Setting up a live webcast from a wolf conservation center with no internet access is a challenge. But not for us.

Microsoft webinars (BE, NL)

Microsoft events like Techdays are often watchable live via internet. Also the complete launch of the official Dutch Office 365.

Kookeiland (BE)

With interactive live cooking sessions Storycatchers scored a world premiere. Chef Piet Huysentruyt helped visitors to cook a top level three-course menu.

Gouden Pages (IE, BE, PT)

The Gouden Gids and marketing agency These Days launched a new campaign ‘The Golden Wedding’. Storycatchers broadcasted four weddings in three different countries in Europe in one day. We like us a challenge!

Saint Amour (BE, NL)

What if you’re Ann Vegter and you are expected at the premiere of Saint Amour in Antwerp. But at the same time you are also introduced as the new ‘Dichter des Vaderlands’ at the Paradisio in Amsterdam? A point-to-point video link between both locations, am I right?

Antwerp Urban Trail (BE)

10 000 runners ran through Antwerp city hall and other historic buildings. Fans could follow the runners via LED screens and on the website of head sponsor Gazet van Antwerpen. Our mobile studio directed the whole thing?

Peregrine Falcons (BE)

More than 2,5 million people and press from 151 countries watched the peregrine falcons brood live. The HD footage we send from above the Saint Goedele Cathedral in Brussels breaks records every time. You can watch the falcons 24/7 from their nest in the bell tower.

Digiti (BE)

Digiti organized a ‘schijt-je-rijk’ with reindeers for charity. From the top of their roof terrace we made sure everyone could follow live where the shit was dropped.